Dunno wat happened to me lately???
I think 'SUAI' follow me.
Y'day i got a little bit fight with HER again over the TV usage. I've to use tat to practice, n yet SHE wana occupy again frm drama series time till 1030pm. I felt a bit unsatisfy loh...y can't SHE b a bit tolerate n understanding? I ain't ask for long hrs, not everyday. All I'm requesting is say abt 15mins y'day for my practice n FRI (930pm onwards for American Idol)! SAT no problem as AI starts late ard 1030pm.That's all for the whole week!
But if I total up HER usage - everyday frm 6-1030pm(from MON -FRI). SAT & SUN depends..sumtimes those TAMIL movies also bo pang kui~it is *******!!!!
If not bcoz of my pc down with no sound, I probably can use it from there.
Anyway, I walked away silently as I do not wan starts a war again!

2nd thing which pissed me off y'day is tat my PC really got bird flu d..I was writing 4 my blog y'day, not yet complete, but half way, d screen jz disappear..b4 tat also dunno due to wat, d screen can bcome blackout...later error msg appear ..dunno wat d F* with tat liao!!

I'll b tight up on tis weekend. Got 3 posters need to rush for joinin the contest organize by company. SAT got annual dinner to attend. SUN hv to send PC to fix. 3 posters to complete summore..closing date 24/3. Weekdays where got time to finish? Arhhhhh~pek chek!!

At least wat pleased me so far is the new set of PC at my office..not jz speedy, but all furnished n totally satisfy! Thz GOD tat I at least got sumthing to pleased with! AMEN!


Anonymous said…
dear, no need to pek chek ...the more pek chek u facing the more suai will come and near to you..... : ) suai will go away from you .

fm st.
pepC said…
u pray for it to stay far far away frm me la...
Way said…
Afterall, she is your ****** mah. You know-lah, all de obasang love to watch drama, just be patient.

I have confident with your singing capibility (ejaan betulke?), no need pratice also can wan. Sure win.

About your pc, please send her to doctor!

Don't worry, be happy!
pepC said…
eh, need to practice also to hv catch the correct tempo n also where to starts n stop n breath...tat song specially d starting there, c pek kang koh...hard to catch!

I'm lookin 4 other song now liao...sian..
pepC said…
moguamei said…
hey pep,hows ur singing performance? i think its great rite...btw..did u took off ur shoes n sang? hehe....just kidding
pepC said…
Shoes leh c boh take off, but the 'hua er' boh ki tai toh lut liao,kanasai! lak cap kui kor gin eh 'Oi', so fast lut eh~nasib baik got sponsor, if not pak c wa also won't buy those expensive one!!

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