OLR(One Life Resolution)

如果你看过'Blood Diamond'中,那些被情况所逼而必须坚强的活下去而不断磨练那双颤抖的小手去习惯握持所有的枪械、子弹、炸弹,学会绝情和无情的剧情和所谓的演技而已经深感沉重和心中燃起莫名的悲痛、愤怒,那么不要错过现实生活中如今安排给你亲身去体验和见识的机会。

ONE LIFE RESOLUTION(OLR)-is an experiential exhibit. It allows visitors to walk in the shoes of the children who endure extraordinary hardships because of HIV/AIDS and trafficking. See life through affected children's eye. You'll be amazed by their resilience.

Look out for the OLR exhibit near you from March 2008 onwards!
Please call(03)78806414 to confirm.
Pls visit here for further details.


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