"U r special"

How would u react when sumone tells u tat "u r special"?
... ...
... ...
Think twice n think back n forth...wat's so special abt me? Is there anything special or so special abt me? Those r d questions I think deep n ask myself abt it.

Do I looks extraodinary than a normal person?
I guess I dun hv extra limbs, arms, legs, hands, fingers, horn, ears, eyes, head, tails or anything out of shape. 
I guess everything looks normal n even normal than a normal ordinary person..not meh?

"Yes...u r normal. But...u r special to me."
Blank for sum time...jz like wat a PC will do when it hangs.....
I do not really wish to make my head bigger to think deep & over thought... ...
Yes..I'm feeling so so hungry now...

Went to hv a dinner with mr shadow again tonite...while is raining n feeling cold outside..
I want 2 hv sumthing tat I like most...tasty..yummy..n makes me feel warm, satisfy, n done with a happy smiley on. 
There it goes again...after a no direction walk pass..finally made up my mind here by having a kodomo set B with a hot ocha. 
A very satisfied portion of meals, service, many customers to look ard..mirror n reflection..there..I end n finished my chawanmushi, rice with eggs & onions, nuggets & chicken stick(QC checked n confirmed tat is all cleared). There's a moment, where my eyes tagged a favorite desert of mine n follow it moves..nope!I've pampered myself enough 2day...it reached the maximum utilization already. Self-control n self discipline~

"Sachiko~u r an easily happy kid indeed." =^_^=
おやすみ なさいOyasuminasai~


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